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About Us


We are a start-up Passenger Motor Carrier company offering Limousine Bus transportation in the Greater Tulsa and surrounding areas. 

Our 12 passenger bus is loaded with party lighting, 2 tv's, a bumpin sound system, and a crew eager to fulfill all your transportation wishes. 

Why the name Floyd?  We are BIG Pink Floyd fans and for the last 10+ years we've had a wrap on the bus decorated for our personal use as "Floyd The Party Bus".  We've called the bus Floyd for so long we simply can't get used to calling it anything else.  Once you have ridden on "Floyd", you become our/his "Friend". Floyd and Friends refers to the bus and the family of friends we've created over all these years and continue to grow.

We look forward to adding you to our family of friends, and hope you take a ride with us very soon.

Party Lighting

Party lighting and big TV!

Smoking, or Non Smoking Transportation!